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The keg washer is specially designed for washing and sterilizing various beer fresh-keeping containers, such as stainless steel barrels, plastic beer barrels and fresh beer barrels. It can automatically accomplish all of the procedures of washing, sterilizing and CO2 pressure preparing.


DIMENSION OF MACHINE FIGURE (L*W*H) 2000x900x1500 mm(Raises Type)
CAPABILITY 90-120 barrels/hour (10L barrels)
AIR CONSUMPTION  8-22.5 m. cube/h
Air Source Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Cylinder Pressure 0.4-0.5Mpa
CO2 Pressure 0.2-0.3Mpa
Steam Pressure 0.15-0.2Mpa
Hot Soda-water Temperature 60-70℃
Hot water Temperature 60-70℃
Sosa-water potency 1%-2%
Voltage, Amp. AC 220V 60Hz 3 phase, 20A

How to operate keg washer/filler:


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Your Comments Are Important:

Based upon your feedbacks, the system has changed to
1. Have casters for mobility(Thanks to Janet)
2. Fill keg standing up, on the ground, so you won't lift a filled keg, and increase the filling speed(A few contributors).
3. Facilitate cleaning with cleaners besides sanitizers(Thanks to Cody). Starting from April 2013, the control panel will have a Cycle switch with value of 1 and 2.
4. Fixed Emergency Stop bug in the two cycle LOGO program. Reported by Justin. Sept. 4, 2013.


With the value of 1(First Program), the system will act like the units shipped before April 2013; with the value of 2(Second Program), the system will use the following sequences:

1.) Air Pressure -> Drain
2.) City Water Rinse (Aseptic) -> Air pressure to Drain
3.) Hot Water w/ Cleaner (From Hot Water Tank) -> recycle with Air pressure return to Hot water tank (since the keg was rinsed with fresh water, its ok to re-use the cleaner)
4.) City Water (Aseptic Rinse) (this step also lowers the keg temperature so that its not too hot for the cold sanitizer -> Air Pressure to Drain
5.) Sanitizer -> recycle with CO2 Pressure (not air) to Sanitizer tank
6.) CO2 purge and pressure

System shipped before April 2013, can update the system and set B074 as ON. See next section.

Parameter list for the First Program and Second Program of washing cycles:

First Program Parameter
B002 Enclosing Time
B003 Air Drain
B004 Water rinse
B017 Pump Emptying
B005 Water drain
B006 Hot Water Wash
B007 Hot Water Recycle
B008 Sanitizer rinse
B069 Recycle to Sanitizer
B034 Purified Water
B040 Purified Water Recycle
B013 CO2 Fill
Second Program Parameter
B023 Enclosing Time
B035 Air Drain
B039 Purified Water Wash
B070 Air Drain 2
B071 Hot Water Wash
B073 Air push to hot tank
B075 Purified Water Wash 2
B077 Air Push to drain
B080 Sanitizer Wash
B082 CO2 Push to Sanitizer Tank
B087 CO2 Fill


Useful Resources:

1. Information for updating keg washer to facilitate using cleaner.
2. Switching the filling methord to have the keg standing up(for model shipped to you before March 2013).

Connections on the keg washer:






The Android3 model has all stainless steel infrastructure, two dedicated pumps to eliminate cross contamination, advanced sensors to control the process of cleaning kegs.

To experience how Android-3 works in a real enviroment, please watch the following videos from our customers sharing their experience:

Please Note that all couplers now have shut off vlaves.

The DIY model is a manual, 2 washing heads keg washer with one tank and one pump. Photo for DIY-A:

DIY Keg Washer

DIY-AT has a 3KW heater and temperature control. DIY units comes with two washing heads, and all tri clamp connections to help you clean your kegs.


DIY models uses single phase power, ~220V. DIY-a uses 1.2KW, and DIY-AT uses 4.2 KW.

Dimension: Depth: 3.6 Feet, Width: 3.3 Feet, Height: 3.3 Feet.